His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman, CEO Economic Development Winnipeg Dayna Spiring, and Winnipeg Pass Managing Director Enver Naidoo officially launch the Winnipeg City Pass at the Travel Manitoba Visitor Centre.

In order to assist both non-profit and for-profit businesses and organizations get new customers, the Pass Program developed by Winnipeg Pass is free. With demographics changing, legacy planning through the development of new customer demographics is critical. As the Pass includes admission, customers are more likely to try new experiences or new activities resulting in new visitors. With massive growth markets like US visitors, overseas visitors, and out of province visitors, the Pass Program provides the vehicle for both non-profit and for-profit to come together so that we can proactively grow market share and promote Winnipeg as a world class destination.
Winnipeg Pass is on a mission to promote more proud local ambassadors. With numerous year-round activities available in this incredible city, Winnipeg Pass is making it more affordable and enticing for locals to be able to discover more of their own city for less. As access to attractions and activities are already included in the Pass, locals are more likely to travel to different parts of the city to use their Pass.
Winnipeg Pass is looking to develop a year round Pass to proactively promote Winnipeg as a year-round destination. With the CAD and US dollar differences, this new Pass will allow us to proactively promote Winnipeg as a destination of choice to this untapped market which on average stands around 5% per year. A small increase in visitation from this market will have a profound economic impact on the participating partners and the city as a whole.
1. Budget better, once you buy the Pass, you don’t pay anything extra for admission
2. Do more without paying more
3. Plan more quality family time
4. Great for gifts as there is no price on the actual Pass
5. Get introduced to exciting new attractions or activities that may not have been top of mind
6. Simplified child pricing applies to anyone 17 years and under
7. Passes starting at $29
8. Bilingual full colour physical booklet style Passes that make great mementos of your experience
9. Money back guarantee
10. Save money as the Pass includes admission and savings between 30%-70%
1. Join us in promoting Winnipeg as a world class destination
2. Opportunity to increase upsell or cross sell revenue
3. It is free, we create the bilingual physical Passes and do all of the work without you paying any marketing or participation fee
4. Use your existing incentive or group rates to participate
5. There is no cookie cutter approach, we work with your existing business model
6. Grow market share from new emerging markets like the US and overseas
7. Legacy planning for customer demographic changes
8. Numerous Star Attractions, municipal, provincial, and federal organizations have already supported us
9. We pay you for each visitor who uses the Pass
10. Get new visitors from new demographics
1. Canoe or kayak day trip right in Winnipeg where you don’t have to bring any equipment with you
2. Original railway locomotives and rich exciting rail history located in downtown Winnipeg
3. Music Festival with camping showing casing some of the best grass roots local bands
4. A collection of military memorabilia that is the largest in the world
5. Zebras and other unique wildlife
6. Visiting a unique area where you are neither in Canada or the US
7. Incredible nature escapes
8. Some of the oldest architecture in the province
9. Dinosaur bones
10. Bison safari on a 20 seater safari bus